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Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is the process of improving a website to make it more relevant, and user-friendly to searchers and search engines. SEO implementation is not a stand-alone and depends on many factors. It starts with a website that is optimized, content-rich, user-friendly, and provides value to an audience.

Search engines, like your users, respond to unique content and a website that is optimized. If you consistently keep your audience in mind, have researched relevant keywords, provide content that is unique and valuable, and engage with your audience. The search engines will see that this is a credible website that should rank on their search engine.


Provide Value 

Be a Resource    

Not one SEO element is more important than the other. Each depends on and builds off of one another to rank a page successfully with search engines. 

SEO efforts will not yield overnight success, especially for a newly published page. However, over time if you continue to establish a presence online and keep all SEO infrastructure updated, you will see a return on your efforts. 

It starts with a website that is content rich, user-friendly and provides some value to whoever is searching for specific information. Once the infrastructure layers of SEO are covered, then the focus of the website should be on content that offers value and promoting that content to drive traffic back to your website.

– Kathleen Marrero

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As a result of First Fig Marketing & Consulting’s efforts, Google rankings have increased. The team consistently delivers high-quality work.”

Askin & Hooker, LLC

“In just a few months of working with First Fig Consulting, our organic web traffic increased over 900%.”

Envirosite Corp.

Not only is she super knowledgeable about digital marketing but she is tech savvy and takes the time to get to know your brand.”

Melissa Mayo

She provides us with actionable steps that we can hand off as a ‘check list’ to our WebDev and copywriting teams to make quick, noticeable impacts in our website health.”


“First Fig has become an extension of our own team, helping to fill the voids with a level of expertise we just didn’t have.”

FirstCarbon Solutions

Kathleen’s ability to evaluate our needs, and provide recommendations at a strategic level, while also mapping it out at a tactical level, has proven invaluable for our small team with limited internal resources.”


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