Digital Marketing Consulting

Melissa Mayo

Goal to increase the visibility of the Melissa Mayo brand and build off of her established authority in the food industry.


Marketing Consulting

Digital Marketing Consulting

Our team focused on advising, training and consulting the Melissa Mayo team to utilize SEO strategies and website development to increase their reach online.

User Experience

Our team focused on creating a succinct branding message across the website and sales pages that optimizes the user journey.

Search Engine Optimization

The focus was on the site health, the keywords, backlinks and other factors affecting off-page SEO with the goal to organically build brand recognition in the luxury travel space. 

A while back someone mentioned that I needed to use digital marketing to reach my ideal customers. At the time SEO was one of those mystery things I knew I needed to figure out but I had not clue where to begin. Enter Kathleen. Not only is she super knowledgeable about digital marketing but she is tech savvy and takes the time to get to know your brand. She cares about your business as if it were her own. She helped me formulate a digital marketing plan and identifed key SEO words and created a framework that would rank my website to improve traffic. And I saw massive spikes in traffic after hiring her. 

Melissa Mayo

Food Network Chef and Author

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