Wellness marketing is different than other forms of marketing. You can utilize the same techniques but require a different approach than typical marketing efforts. You build that vital connection with your audience by being mindful of your wellness marketing efforts.

Mindfulness is essential in all aspects of wellness. Being mindful creates centeredness and inner focus that adds depth to your life. Mindfulness is the practice of being deliberately aware from moment to moment of one’s conscious experience.  It requires one to be mindful of one’s thoughts, emotions, and experiences in the present moment.

Mindful marketing is no different. You must be aware of the conscious experience of your audience from moment to moment. You must remain mindful of who your audience is and what is desired. To build an authentic connection with your audience, you must stay aware of their experience in dealing with your brand and craft a marketing plan that meets these needs.

Mindful Marketing is an attitude. As a wellness guide, you teach with an attitude of openness, acceptance, and focus. The same needs to be applied to your marketing campaigns.

What is Mindful Marketing?

Mindful Marketing is about being present.

You are most in tune with everything in life when you are present.  Being mindful challenges us to awaken from day-to-day activities, appreciate the little things, and stay in the moment. However, remaining grateful is a critical but challenging part of being mindful of our day-to-day life. 

Remaining present in online marketing efforts has its own set of challenges, including the lack of a face-to-face connection. Having contact with others face-to-face allows us to slow down, build an authentic experience with one another and be grateful for the journey.

Often, you create a marketing strategy online that is laid out over weeks or months. So how can one remain present in these types of marketing situations? The answer is to remember you are guiding your audience on a journey. Social media has made this easier, but still requires thoughtful strategic planning.

Be present in the fact that you are taking the audience along with you as you grow. The realness of your day-to-day provides authenticity and an opportunity to bring your audience inside a personal aspect of your journey as you progress in your own wellness growth.

Mindful Marketing means a consistent return to the present moment.

You cannot always stay present. This acceptance is important in your practice and can translate into your marketing strategy. Planning out a marketing strategy is essential, but wellness marketing requires a vulnerability that must be shared with the audience.

It is crucial that your wellness lifestyle shows the times you are not connected and, most importantly, how you reconnect with your spirituality and your wellness practice. Your lifestyle needs to be attainable to your audience and not a perfect specimen that never loses focus.

It is important to show the return to being mindful as much as it shows the benefits of mindfulness. Your content and images must reflect both the benefits and the journey to reach the beautiful space of consciousness. The struggle of staying present and consistent is authentic to everyone, and to build a real connection, you must reveal this truth to ask that of others. 

Mindful Marketing is an attitude. 


As a wellness guide, you teach with an attitude of openness, acceptance, and focus. 

This attitude needs to be the same in your marketing efforts. You need to stay focused on your message, which includes your own acceptance and openness of your wellness journey with your audience. 

Asking people to open themselves up to you and become vulnerable to any inconsistencies in your personal revelations contradicts your message if you are closed off and not sharing your truth. You must be open and accepting of your faults and experiences to ask that of others. Your messaging must do the same. 

Connected Marketing Solutions

Being mindful of your marketing efforts will add depth and authenticity to your wellness marketing. The goal is to have your marketing strategies resonate with an audience.

Building a mindful connection online is a bit more complicated when you cannot feel the energy of the person sitting beside you, but it is possible.

There are a few ways to begin to connect with an audience in a way that will provide value, build trust, and, most importantly, a connection. 

Keep these two connected marketing solutions in mind:

1. Understand your audience, including their wants, desires, frustrations, etc. Getting a full picture of your ideal audience is necessary for creating content, services, and offerings so that they will provide value, authority, and build a connection.

2. Keep your marketing strategy attainable for your specific audience. Being open to the benefits of wellness and the raw aspects of your wellness journey is essential. 


Wellness marketing is about building an aesthetic, a beautiful picture of how getting connected with your well-being is life-altering, but it must also include the struggles of living a life focused on wellness.

Your authenticity will create an inspirational connection with your audience and allow them to see how they can fit wellness into their own lives. The benefits of wellness are amazing, inspirational, and life-altering, but you must make it attainable for everyone.

How to Approach Wellness Marketing 

Your wellness marketing needs to be approached differently than other business marketing strategies. Keep your audience in mind and be real with your wellness journey; it will resonate. Not only will this build authentic connections, but it will also provide real value to your audience.

What is Mindful Marketing? Wellness Marketing Strategies that Connect.

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