When most people think of a brand, they think of a company’s symbol or logo, but branding is much more. At its core, your brand is what makes customers and clients remember you. It is the thing that distinguishes you from the competition. As a company owner, you likely have a brand for your business. 

Here are a few subtle ways to improve your brand reputation. 

How to Enhance the Brand Reputation of my Company?

Get ready to become comfortable with search engine optimization or SEO. When you use SEO effectively, you’ll increase the quality and traffic of your business’s website. 

The best use of SEO makes websites or pages more visible to those who use search engines to look for products or services. 

How does it work? Plan to implement several SEO strategies to get the most out of SEO. For instance, focus on the following:

  • Link building
  • Keyword phrase optimization
  • Focused Content

Link building can be tough, but it’s a great way to build brand awareness and an online presence. One of the best ways to get successful links is to post high-quality content. You can do this by inviting guests to post with email outreach and from organic links that you haven’t solicited. Successful links will help your website’s search performance, improve your website domain authority, and increase your brand recognition. 

You must also include internal links. These links within your content lead to other content on your website. Internal links are equally vital because they can keep the audience on your website, an essential content marketing strategy. It also establishes your credibility in providing a full array of information for someone seeking information, improving customer experience.

Keyword Phrase Optimization

One of the keys to a successful brand reputation is optimal keyword phrasing. This will help you gain organic visibility on major search engines like Google and Bing. Make sure that your keyword phrasing is focused on the user’s intention. You’ll also want to ensure that your content includes product images, customer reviews, and any other information to help your business stand out from the competition. 

The Right Content

For more leads and to acquire additional data, be sure to share optimized content. Feature material that is new and high-quality. Also, ensure that your content includes information that will attract your target audience. For instance, pretend that you’re searching for wellness centers. It’s likely that you’ll start searching for them by typing in “ What are the best wellness centers?” or “What types of wellness centers are around?” So, a wellness center brand would want to capture your attention with a list of types of services or information on what to look for in a wellness teacher. This kind of content subtly creates brand trust and credibility. 

Focus on Infographics

One of the best practices for subtle brand awareness is to focus on your company’s infographics. They are a vibrant way to show your audience the details of your company’s marketing statistics and data.. Infographics are often shared, making them a great tool for companies building their brand online.

According to Forbes, 90% of the information the human brain receives is visual. In addition, when people learn visually, it improves how well they learn and retain the information by as much as 400%. Why is this? Today, people tend to have shorter attention spans because of constant technology use. Also, humans take in information much faster when graphics accompany it. Images trigger an emotional response, making the information more likely to stick. Always include your logo or website information on any infographics you create so that if they are shared, your information is shared along with it. 

Establish Partnerships

Brand reputation management includes establishing partnerships. This is an especially good move if your company is more dependent on local customers because you can seek partnerships with other local businesses. Combine resources to host festivals or seminars. Another way to establish partnerships for brand awareness is to donate to local charities or become a sponsor for your favorite local sports team. This will ensure that your brand is displayed prominently at numerous local events and celebrations, drawing attention to your brand for potential customers. 

Post Consistently on Social Media

People spend a lot of time these days on social media. Take advantage of this by connecting with your community online. Interaction with your followers will build your engagement and, consequently, your overall reach. The goal is not to self-promote but to be social and engaging. This includes following, commenting, and sharing other people’s content that might be of value to your audience. It is a reciprocal relationship that builds a loyal, supportive community online. 

Give Your Brand a Memorable Personality

A subtle way to increase brand awareness is to make yours unforgettable. If your industry or field can take a bit of humor or uniqueness, then going with something outrageous or clever will surely make people remember you. For instance, you may have seen Geico’s new commercial featuring a couple talking about loving their new home except for the rat problem, which happens to be the music band Ratt. Geico is selling its home and car insurance bundling option in the ad but uses tongue-in-cheek humor to engage with a new audience. Obviously, this will not work with any brand, and most don’t have the resources to focus on a well-crafted advertising campaign like Geico, but  Consider a way to give your brand a kind of memorable personality in a way that is authentic to your brand.

Become a Bigger Presence on LinkedIn

To draw attention to your company, consider publishing something on LinkedIn. This will help your company name gain more traction on the internet. LinkedIn allows people to post on the site using its publishing tool. If an article you post gains enough notice, LinkedIn could add it to its home stream where many users will see it. An additional benefit to this is that posts connected to your LinkedIn account will let you establish yourself as a thought leader. Setting up a company blog and posting its content on LinkedIn is also a good idea. Be sure to share what you post with your followers and promote your content after you publish it.


People trust online reviews, so utilize your happy customers to build your online reputation. Google My Business, as does Facebook, allows for reviews, so use these free review sites to showcase your products, services, and customer service. There are many other review sites focused on specific niches out there. Do your research with a competitive analysis and see where your competition is listed online and where they are showcasing their reviews, and add this to your marketing strategy. 

Drawing More Attention to Your Brand

Subtle ways to draw more attention to your brand include investing more time and money in SEO, using infographics, establishing partnerships, gathering reviews, and building relationships on social media. Your company’s brand is how customers recognize your business and your products or services. People trust brands that they know and have a unique place in the market, so be sure to nurture them.

If you want to kickstart a new era of your brand’s reputation, contact us today for a free consultation. We would love to hear from you!

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