AdWord campaigns are a set of ads that are comprised of specific keywords, content, and bids that share a budget, location targeting, and other settings. Campaigns are often used to organize categories of products or services that you offer. Source

Business owners can utilize AdWord campaigns to promote certain services or products they are offering. AdWords are a great way to get your service offerings or products in front of the right demographic at the exact time your customers are potentially looking to find you.

But be warned, AdWord Campaigns can be tricky. However, if you have an understanding of how keywords work, what motivation is driving the search, the benefits of your service and have the proper landing pages set in place you should be able to create a dynamic ad that will drive business to your website.

Common AdWord campaign failures are due to wrong keyword targeting and misunderstanding ad copy that sells to what customers really need or are searching for.

4 things to keep in mind when establishing an AdWord campaign strategy.

  1. Choose the Right Keywords. Keywords are essential to the overall success of an Ad campaign. Choosing the right keywords puts your ad in front of the right people searching for a specific product or service.


  1. Understand customers’ motivation. When you understood the reasons, customers perform their search, you can target the keywords in a more effective way. Their motivation is an essential element to the success of a campaigns marketing strategy.


  1. Focus on Benefits, not the Features of what you sell or provide. The features of the product are important but they are an added extra of why customers need a specific service or product. Focus on the benefits to the customers and your campaign can then be supported by the features. Customers are looking for how your service or product can help make their life better.


  1. Consistent Ad copy and Landing Pages. It is important to have a consistent ad copy that leads customers to a specific landing page that is more detailed with its information. The ad copy and landing page progress the customer’s journey. All the marketing efforts need to lead them to a cohesive landing page that continues the journey from the ad copy and provides them with the information they are seeking to find.


If you create targeted and user-friendly ads specific to what your customers are looking for, you will not only create a better service user experience but build your credibility.


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