However, coming up with what makes you unique is sometimes tricky and requires some self-reflection.

With so many competing wellness businesses it seems like everyone has already addressed their customer’s needs and have already presented unique ways to sell themselves or their offerings.

However, every person has something to say uniquely. With some self reflection and willingness to put yourself out there, your message could reach customers in a new, unique way.

3 tricks to come up with your unique selling proposition.

Let’s start brainstorming:

1. Sit down in a quiet space and write down your essential services or products that you sell or provide. Even if you have a bunch of items, narrow it down to the few most important, profitable or passionate ones that you want to focus on.

2. What is a different aspect you can offer with these services that no one else has before? Can you sell this product or service as a promotional item or giveaway an aspect of your service that will entice others? Each service or product has a unique selling feature. Don’t think too much about it initially. Logistics and Strategy will come later. Just jot down as many ideas as you can. Dig deep and find them. Cherry pick the good ones.

3. What are your goals for your business? This is often the most challenging question to answer. Of course, everyone wants to be profitable, or they wouldn’t own a business, but what is your real goal? Is it to connect with your customers? Provide something unique that can benefit people? Try to narrow this down because this is essentially what drives your business. It is what will set you apart from others.

Use Your Voice

We all have something unique to offer that no one else can, and that should be apparent in some aspect of your wellness business. Your voice must be authentic and present in a way that will reach others and inspire them to take action.

It is hard to not get caught up with comparisons. Coming up with your unique selling proposition takes work and requires you to dig deep. This can be daunting and sometimes frightening, but you will find this be a rewarding exercise that will help you to see your business from a new perspective.

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