Press releases are an excellent strategy for marketing your business. They provide information to your local community or industry-specific media about important things going on within your company.  If done correctly, it can get your business services or products in front of the right people.

One of the most important things to keep in mind when deciding to write a press release is your audience’s opinion. The bottom line is you need to care what they think. They are your potential clients or customers, and you need to present your business in a way that is not too promotional. Companies who rely on only self-promotion without offering any other form of value to their audience will eventually lose that audience.

Are you too promotional with your Press Releases?

There are two things to consider when crafting a press release. Is it something your audience needs to hear about or does it offer them something of value? These answers will determine whether a press release needs to be written, and most importantly where you release this information.

Is Your Press Release Something Your Audience Wants to Hear? Will Your Audience Care?

Yes, an award your business received is a big deal and should be celebrated, but does it necessarily need to be sent out to the local papers. Although this can be written up as a release and put on your company’s website or posted to social media, it is probably best to keep within the company unless it is relevant to the clients or customers.

However, a new office or storefront that opened is absolutely media worthy. It allows the community to know that they have a business that is servicing their area if they need their services or if they need your products.

The distinction is subtle but you can self-promote without overly promoting if you keep your value proposition in mind. You always need to consider how your audience is perceiving your business. Read more about how to craft your brand perception here.