Email Marketing is a cost-effective marketing strategy that presents many opportunities for your business to reach current and potential customers. These opportunities include increased brand awareness, ability to create targeted emails, analytic measurements and an opportunity to create shareable campaigns. They are also a cost-effective marketing option with a potentially high return on investment.


Besides being a great opportunity to increase brand awareness, email marketing campaigns present the opportunity to learn more about your customers.  They are measured by the delivery rates, open rates, and many other factors that will provide insights into client’s behaviors and interests. All these analytics can help further craft the marketing strategy towards more successful campaigns and service evolution. 

Furthermore, most email marketing platforms such as MailChimp can measure if the emails were shared. Email marketing is an easily shareable marketing strategy.  It allows the campaign the opportunity to incorporate a call to action to encourage subscribers to act as the brand ambassadors and share emails they receive which will increase your exposure and credibility. 


Planning is essential in any marketing process and email marketing is no different.

If you are creating a new email marketing campaign consider these two tips:

  1. Make sure your email is addressing one specific desired outcome that is clear to the reader. Don’t overload your email with a bunch of information.
  2. Include a clear Call To Action (CTA).  The CTA should provide the reader a clear next step and should move the reader along on the marketing journey with your business.

If you have a previous campaign that you ran, you have the potential to learn a lot.

In order to improve the email marketing process going forward, look at the analytics of the past marketing campaigns. Measure the successes and where the campaign missed the target so you can adjust accordingly and incorporate what worked and what didn’t in order to get a better click to open ratio. The past campaign provides an opportunity to determine new strategies that might be integrated into an already existing campaign or aspects that can be altered in some new way to deliver a successful campaign.

Remember, marketing success is all about reworking and reimagining how you can connect with your customers. Do you have an email marketing strategy that has worked for your business? We would love to hear all about it.