You’ve Built an Amazing Team

Does your internal marketing team need a reset? Not sure which direction to take your marketing strategy? Can’t figure out why you are not generating more leads?

We Live In A Digital World. Opportunities Are Out There To Reach Your Audience, and We Can Help Your Team By Setting Them Up For Continued Growth And Success Online.


Our Methods Have Proven Success




We conduct extensive research on your brand, industry, competition, and top keywords based on your company’s goals.

Research is the first step to understanding what’s working for your brand and what isn’t. Our Research Package includes taking an in-depth look into identifying the areas that may harm your brand’s digital presence, overall ranking, and brand recognition. We review what already works for your brand and what could be improved. Lastly, we take an in-depth look at your competitors and review their on and off-page SEO and content. Through the Research phase, your team will fully understand how to make your business appear organically at the top of Google search results, optimize the brand’s SEO-friendly digital presence, and reach new leads through targeted content marketing efforts.



We perform a comprehensive audit of your Website, digital presence, and SEO to provide recommendations on how to attract and convert your desired audience.

SEO Audits provide insights on what to optimize on your Website to make it SEO-friendly and increase search engine rankings. Our on-page SEO audit, we’ll provide you with a comprehensive backlink audit and analysis so you can get a clear picture of what’s going on with your off-page SEO. With this knowledge, your team will know what steps to take to get your SEO under control, so you can start dominating Google and attracting new customers.

Our Website Audit provides high-level strategic recommendations that your team can implement to improve your conversion rates. An optimized website will lead to higher lead volume and conversions, which ultimately translates into more revenue for your business.



We create an in-depth, organic SEO strategy, leveraging content marketing, social media, and modern on-page and off-page SEO techniques aligned with your company’s goals.

With the SEO Blueprint, you can rest assured that your team has the proper knowledge and tools to dominate Google’s search results to begin attracting and converting highly targeted leads. We will give your team the EXACT tools and insights you need to create a winning SEO strategy. We provide everything from On and Off-page SEO strategy to social media SEO tactics to content calendar creation, blog topics, and more. Plus, we will provide 2, one-hour consultation calls with your staff to ensure you have the right strategies to measure success and attract new customers.



Whether you have a great team in place or not,

if they don’t know what to focus on,

it really doesn’t move the needle.

Kathleen marrero digital marketing consultant


  Does this sound familiar?


You have a great team, but they have no strategy that works together to achieve the one desired result.

Your team is overwhelmed with all the digital marketing strategies available.

You are working with a limited number of resources and tools.

You have no idea where you are already online and if your digital footprint is getting any results.

You have seen no results from your digital marketing efforts and are unsure of where to begin.

This might seem like a roadblock, but we can help!

The solution is to have a digital marketing roadmap customized for your business where it is at the current moment. It is about setting your team up with the research and strategy that will help them achieve the results your business needs online.


your team is set up for success!

“First Fig has become an extension of our own team, helping to fill the voids with a level of expertise we just didn’t have. After an extensive research and audit phase for two of our websites, Kathleen presented realistic and achievable milestones for us to grow our online brand reputation. She provides us with actionable steps that we can hand off as a ‘checklist’ to our WebDev and copywriting teams to make quick, noticeable impacts on our website health. After conducting overview analyses of our closest competitors, we were able to measure our own brand perception against theirs, which helped us define our content strategy. We review KPIs on monthly standing calls, where she provides feedback on what is working, what isn’t, and what seems to be off-target. Kathleen’s ability to evaluate our needs, and provide recommendations at a strategic level, while also mapping it out at a tactical level, has proven invaluable for our small team with limited internal resources.”


01 Reporting


We’ll train your team on the latest in modern SEO. From content optimization to analytics to technical SEO to how to leverage social media to boost SEO, First Fig is your ideal SEO training partner.

SEO Website Audit

02 UX Audit Report


A common challenge many businesses face is understanding how to engage visitors who utilize their websites daily. By getting a detailed analysis of how a user behaves on your website, your team will be able to make strategic marketing decisions that will increase user engagement and conversions.

03 Tools


We will provide you with the tools your team will need to keep up with the changes in SEO. Our list of tools is invaluable and offers options to keep your team on task and efficient.

digital marketing tools

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