Reaching Your Audience is Essential to Your Marketing Success. 

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Generate revenue, increase leads, and build a loyal following.

Reaching Your Wellness Audience is Essential to Your Wellness Marketing Success. 

Knowing how to reach your audience and, more importantly, how to speak to them will define your business. Wellness Brands that connect with their audience are not only successful but are unforgettable. The goal is to increase your market reach, generate leads, and establish trusting relationships with your customers. We can customize a marketing plan that will help you achieve your goals.

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Wellness Marketing Strategy

Are you unsure which digital marketing strategies would help you reach your marketing goals? We offer customized marketing solutions to achieve your goals and partner with you to come up with the best approach that works for your business.     

Wellness Marketing Implementation

You are the pros at wellness; let us implement your marketing strategies so you can concentrate on what you do best- helping others. Wouldn’t you rather work in your business rather than on your business? We can help.

Wellness Marketing Consulting

We can guide you and your team through each marketing step that will help you reach your desired marketing goals. Our ongoing consulting and training will support internal marketing efforts to help you reach your marketing goal.

Do You Need Help Reaching Your Audience Online?

Hello, I am Kathleen Marrero, the founder of First Fig Marketing & Consulting.  I have been helping clients generate leads, build connections online, and increase their revenue using digital marketing strategies. Through consulting, training, and implementation of current digital marketing strategies, I have helped my clients grow their business reach and increase their revenue with the greatest return on their investment.  Are you frustrated with your lack of presence online or unsure of how to develop your wellness brand? I can help you reach your wellness audience.   Learn more about how I can help.    
How to Enhance Brand Reputation

How to Enhance Brand Reputation

When most people think of a brand, they think of a company’s symbol or logo, but branding is much more. At its core, your brand is what makes customers and clients remember you. It is the thing that distinguishes you from the competition. As a company owner, you...

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Can You Unplug From the Digital World?

Can You Unplug From the Digital World?

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9 Proven Techniques to Improve Your Organic Traffic

9 Proven Techniques to Improve Your Organic Traffic

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Customized Digital Marketing Solutions

Digital Marketing is not a marketing solution that can be applied in the same way to all businesses.  Your wellness marketing strategy needs to reflect your company’s message and needs to reach your audience in specific ways in order to generate leads and increase revenue.
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