Everything to do with branding and marketing your business needs to start with your website and internet presence.

A website is an online storefront for your business; the presentation of what you have to offer, the culture of your company, your mission, and vision. It needs to inspire people to trust you and to take action. It also needs to be set up so that you’re discoverable by potential visitors entering information into a search engine.

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Your Website Needs 4 Things to Succeed
  1. SEO & Proper Platforms
  2. User-Friendly Design
  3. Content that Speaks Directly to Your Pre-Determined Audience
  4. Information that Provides Resources for Your Audience

“75% of consumers admit that they judge businesses’ credibility based on their web design.” Source

It needs to invoke a positive reaction from visitors to continue through your site, read your content, uses your services, and come back as a loyal follower.

The point is can you be found by search engines, and are you memorable to a visitor?

Branding: Are You Memorable?

Branding should be a necessary part of your marketing strategy. It works together with your marketing efforts, and if done correctly will help your business achieve success in your overall marketing and connection with your customers.

7 Benefits of Branding
  1. Builds a loyal following
  2. Sets a foundation for customer expectations
  3. Builds brand value and trust
  4. Establishes reliability and understanding
  5. Establishes your authority
  6. Brings customers along with your business journey
  7. Determines values associated with your company

*Basically, branding sets your company apart.

Blog Content

Blogging for your business has many benefits, including building your company’s recognition and credibility in the marketplace. It is a way to get your message out to your customers and provide them will any additional information they are seeking. Ultimately, it sets your business up as the authority in the field.

Social Media Marketing: Are you Social?

Social media is an excellent tool for reaching your customers. It allows small businesses to compete with larger ones on an even playing field. Mostly, social media can be a strategy that is implemented in your marketing efforts with little to no cost, depending on your marketing goals.

9 Benefits of Social Media
  1. Leads
  2. Run targeted ads
  3. Increase brand awareness
  4. Customer feedback
  5. Customer insights
  6. Relevancy
  7. Increased web traffic
  8. Build relationships
  9. Monitor competition

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