Every business needs to promote themselves in order to reach new clients and increase brand awareness, wellness is no different. Self-promotion is a tricky marketing strategy that is necessary but can walk a fine line between over-promotion and keeping your audience aware of your journey. 


Any promotional efforts need to offer some sort of value. Yes, telling your audience about awards you have won is valuable but it is not everything. If the promotional efforts are only driven by egocentric purposes it will leave a negative impression on your audience. The greater question needs to focus on why your audience would find this information important or valuable.


Self-promotion needs to be balanced and incorporate a bunch of different wellness marketing strategies.






Promoting your business is an essential element in building authority for your wellness brand. There are many different things your audience needs to be aware of relating to your business such as awards won, different partnerships you are working with or even new products or services you are offering.


Your audience needs to know how excited you are about the great things that are going on in your company. Brands that take the audience with them on their journey allow the audience to celebrate their victories and create camaraderie with their brand. 


Share your enthusiasm for your wins and you will build a loyal customer base excited about your journey because they feel a part of the ride.  


However, there is a balance in self-promotion and it shouldn’t lean towards you being obnoxious or ego-driven. Show your enthusiasm through value! 





Constant self-promotion will leave your audience with the impression that you only care about yourself. You want to remain focused on your wellness brand in the sense of building a shared community, not in the sense of impressing them by only focusing on you. 


Think about the conversations you would have with friends around the dinner table. You would let them know about the wonderful things going on in your life so they can celebrate them with you. 


However, you would not dominate the whole dinner party telling everyone how wonderful you are. It is a similar dynamic when it comes to self-promotion. You want word of mouth regarding your business to be favorable. 




When self-promotion turns ugly is when promoting yourself is all you have to offer. Constant self-promotion that offers no other value will quickly turn people off from your wellness brand. 


Your main goal is to bring your audience on your journey as you grow and focus on providing products or services that are valuable in order to build your credibility. Remember it is the wonderful ways your product or service help not just about your business successes that will build loyalty. 



Wellness Marketing That Works


There are great ways to promote without being obnoxious. Here are four tips that will help you look at self-promotion in news ways.


1.  Create tools, tips, and checklists that can be downloaded for a prospective customer to use. Make sure the info includes all your business information incorporated into it. If your business focuses on one specific area, create a checklist that might be useful to a client in that space that they can reference at some point. Be creative and show your value.                                

                                                                                                                                                  2. Partner with the community. You can promote your brand by sponsoring something worthwhile in your community and sending out a press release. Sponsor a local charity race or event that you can promote and let the event promote your business. Most events allow company-sponsored tables that can be utilized to promote your brand in the community while the event is going on. Local events are a great way to give back while showing your audience the important values your business cares about.                                           

3. Offer some aspects of your services for free. There are certain times when your business could provide a service to the community. Pinpoint a worthy cause that could benefit from your services and provide them for free. Giving back is always a great way to self-promote your business while being personally rewarding.

4. Keep in mind your unique selling proposition. Your unique selling proposition differentiates your business from your competitors. Dig deep and see what you can provide your audience that has a different perspective than your competition. Solve their problem in a different way.


Remember the goal is to build a relationship with your audience.  Remain focused on providing something of value that will build a connection. It will pay off in the end!


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